Exploring the Science Suffix in NYT Crossword

science suffix nyt crossword

Science Suffix NYT Crossword

The science suffix is a common theme in the New York Times (NYT) crossword puzzle. It often appears as a clue or part of the answer, challenging solvers to uncover its meaning. By understanding the science suffix and its various applications, you can improve your crossword-solving skills and increase your chances of completing the puzzle successfully. Let’s explore this intriguing topic further.

What Does the Science Suffix Mean?

The science suffix in the NYT crossword refers to word endings that indicate a scientific or technical meaning. It is added to root words to form terms related to specific scientific fields or concepts. For example, the suffix “-ology” is commonly used to denote the study or science of a particular subject, such as anthropology or biology.

Common Science Suffixes

Suffix Meaning Example
-ology Study or science of Anthropology, biology
-metric Measurement Geometric, barometric
-metry Measurement Symmetry, geometry
-graphy Writing or recording Photography, cartography
-logist Expert or specialist Biologist, geologist

Unlocking Clues with the Science Suffix

When encountering clues related to the science suffix in the NYT crossword, it’s essential to decipher the relationship between the clue and the answer. Sometimes, the clue may directly reference a scientific field, indicating that a word with a science suffix is required. Other times, the clue may contain keywords related to a specific scientific concept, leading you to identify the relevant science suffix.

For example, if the clue reads “Study of celestial bodies,” the answer might be “Astronomy” since “-onomy” is a science suffix referring to the study or explanation of a particular topic. By familiarizing yourself with these science suffixes and their meanings, you can quickly solve crossword clues related to scientific subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I identify the science suffix in a crossword clue?

To identify the science suffix in a crossword clue, look for keywords related to scientific concepts or fields. These could include terms like “study of,” “science of,” or specific technical terms.

2. Are there other common science suffixes used in crosswords?

Yes, apart from the examples mentioned earlier, other common science suffixes include “-ics” (relating to a subject or study), “-metry” (measurement), and “-ide” (chemical compound).

3. Can the same science suffix have different meanings?

Yes, some science suffixes can have multiple meanings depending on the context. For example, “-ology” can mean both the study of a subject and a branch of knowledge related to that subject.

4. Are there any strategies for solving science suffix-related clues?

One strategy is to analyze the rest of the crossword and look for intersecting words. This can help narrow down the possible answers and determine the correct science suffix to use.

5. How can I improve my crossword-solving skills for science-related clues?

Studying scientific terms and their meanings can greatly enhance your ability to solve science-related crossword clues. Additionally, practicing crossword puzzles regularly will improve your overall crossword-solving skills.

6. Are there any online resources where I can learn more about science suffixes?

Yes, there are several online resources, such as dictionaries and crossword-solving websites, that provide information on science suffixes and their meanings. These resources can be valuable references when tackling science-related clues.


In summary, understanding the science suffix is crucial when solving the NYT crossword puzzle. By familiarizing yourself with common science suffixes and their meanings, you can unlock clues related to scientific subjects more efficiently. Remember to approach each clue with an analytical mindset and utilize the knowledge you have acquired to deduce the correct answers. With practice and perseverance, you will become a master of solving science suffix-related crossword clues. Start exploring the fascinating world of science suffixes in the NYT crossword today!

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