3+ How To Gain Self-Confidence Without Breaking The Bank

Self-Confidence Without Breaking The Bank
Without Breaking The Bank


SELF-CONFIDENCE – Is a very big word. It spells the difference between getting that highly-coveted job, that much-awaited promotion (and consequent salary increase), drawing the right friends and yes, even in attracting – and maintaining – that elusive romantic relationship. Self-assurance is so important that many How to Gain Self-Confidence books, courses and seminars have been launched just so you can tap that ‘hidden power’ that is the key to life, love and happiness.

How to Gain Self-Confidence – Simple Ways to Unleash the Power Within You

Anybody can start gaining self-confidence and the great part is… even just simple changes can bring about monumental effects in your life. So check out our How to Gain Self-Confidence tips and start looking at yourself – and life – differently.

How to Gain Self-Confidence Tip #1: First impressions always last.

In just about every aspect of our lives, first impressions are really THAT important so learning how to gain self-confidence is paramount. So how do you go about improving the first impression vibe that you give off? Take a good, long, hard look at the person staring back at you from the mirror. Is it time for a make-over? This does NOT have to be expensive or drastic (like getting a facelift!). You’ll really be amazed at how a simple, new haircut can change your looks, improve the way you feel inside and thus enable you to exude self-confidence.

While still staring at the mirror, smile at yourself. Do you see self-confidence or insecurity because your smile is showing of chipped, gapped and/or stained or discolored teeth? Studies show that a person’s smile plays a major role in one’s self-confidence! So if you’re not happy with your smile, do something about it. If you have stained teeth, lucky you; an at-home tooth whitening kit is all you need to perk up your smile and it’s inexpensive too! If your needs are more drastic, then consider tooth bonding or having porcelain veneers made to boost your self-confidence.

How to Gain Self-Confidence Tip #2: To be successful you must portray an image of success.

We often hear the phrase dress for success but what does it really mean? You see, life is one big cause and effect. If you give out the ‘wrong vibes’, then you can expect nothing but the same in return. For instance, say you are after a promotion. The job entails that you meet with the company’s clients often. If you don’t ‘dress the part’, then your boss will not consider you because meeting clients automatically means you must be presentable at all times.

Dressing for success need not mean a complete wardrobe change. Instead, learn how to buy pieces of clothing that you can easily mix and match to create other ensembles that boost self-confidence. Just always remember the ‘image’ you want to convey and buy accordingly. If you’re in a complete loss, you can ask store representatives to help you or ask a fashion-conscious relative or friend to go shopping with you. Here’s another how to gain self-confidence tip – browsing fashion mags also help!

How to Gain Self-Confidence Tip #3: Speak with confidence… achieve self-confidence by improving your vocal power.

If you communicate with confidence, then the whole room will sit up and listen. Self-confidence needs to be a complete package. It’s not just about the clothes and the smile; you need to project a winning attitude and you must convey your self-confidence by the ‘power’ that should be heard in your voice. Seriously, have you ever heard a company CEO speak timidly? Don’t think so…

If you don’t have a voice that conveys self-assurance, here’s an inexpensive how to gain self-confidence tip for you: start recording your own voice. Do this in numerous scenarios such as when you’re talking to family and friends; talking on the phone; discussing with colleagues; and when conducting meetings or speaking in public. Listen to your voice and identify problems (e.g., mumbling episodes, dropping syllables, how do you sound? caring? in a hurry? disoriented?). Then, start collecting recordings of people you do admire (e.g., an interview by Donald Trump, news anchor tapes, etc.) and start modeling they way they talk!

The steps to how to gain self-confidence need not cost an arm and a leg. By paying more attention to your own actions and image, you can easily adapt small changes that can boost your self-confidence to a whole new level. Good luck!

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