Economic Major Prompt 1. I

Now that I have achieved many of the goals I had growing up, I know need to take the next step to becoming a global leader. The complexities of U.S.-Japan trade relations, and other trade relationships in the Asia-Pacific region, are where my future lies. I feel that with my dual country experience, I will be able to make significant contributions to the study and practice of economics in this field. What I have accomplished thus far in life supports this goal, and earning an economics education is the next step.

Prompt 2. My move to the United States has been a challenge for me. I have worked long hours to pay my international student fees. However, this experience has helped me to grow into a successful woman, able to manage any challenge. I arrived in the United States with international experience and strong English skills, but the differences in the culture were vast. I had little money and despite my travel had never lived in a foreign country on my own. I worked my way through my early education years at a multitude of jobs. I have been a disk jockey, a tutor, modeled for bridal shows and worked in restaurants. Not only did I gain from the breadth of these experiences, but I learned first hand the value of working hard to achieve my goals. I look back on this period of my life and I realize how difficult it was at times, but also how it has helped to shape me into the woman I am today.

I know now that the challenges I faced when I first arrived in the United States provided me with a strong test of my character, something that I will need throughout my life. I arrived as an adolescent, now I apply to the University of California as an adult, ready to take the next step in building my career and my American life.

Nonetheless, I have made great strides in my acclimation to American life. I have recently married and taken on a role with a Japanese trade company in Los Angeles. This position has been very worthwhile. I feel that I have accomplished a lot thus far, but that it is time to build on my past accomplishments.

I consider my successful move to American life to be a great achievement. Japanese people often have difficulty adjusting to life outside of Japan. Yet I know have a family and a career to take pride in. I am a manager in product development. In this role, I manager trade show exhibits and television marketing for my company. I feel that my experience as a dual Japanese and American is extremely valuable in todays world, with the strong focus on Asia-Pacific trade links. I am proud of the steps I have taken so far in building myself and my character. I have responded to every challenge with drive and creativity, and look forward to continuing along that path at the University of California..

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