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Based on this assessment of the market conditions, we feel our most competitive product is our new Abodo Pork Burger. This product appeals to the traditions of three ethnic groups in our area — Cuban, Filipino and Mexican — because of the use of pork and the spicy, chocolaty flavors of the adobo sauce. It also is expected to have significant crossover appeal to mainstream audiences, given the familiarity of the core flavors.

Our company is a mass market firm, so we view this product as having mass market potential. Initially, however, we will focus our marketing efforts on the Cuban and Mexican communities. The target consumer for this product will be a male, aged 25-50, which is not only our core audience but is the most likely consumer of such a meat and spicy heavy product. This consumer will be lower to middle class. He will live in either the suburban or rural areas, especially inland areas away from the beach, which we view as having a different demographic.

To reach this consumer, the channel of distribution will be our usual stores, but with special emphasis on our inland stores. These stores serve middle class communities and a few service rural communities as well. These stores tend to be located in Spanish-speaking areas, according to the United States Census Bureau (2009).

We feel it best to use this channel of distribution because it not only allows us to reach our target market better, but it also allows us to streamline our marketing by focusing solely on Spanish-language marketing channels.

The model of bringing the product to market will be as follows. The product will be produced at a pork plant in Arkansas that is a major supplier of institutional pork products. We have a sauce manufacturer in Georgia that we have contracted to produce the adobo sauce. The other ingredients will be source from our usual suppliers. These will all be shipped first to our main Florida warehouse in the Orlando area. From there, they will be shipped to individual stores around South Florida. At the store level, the products will then be cooked and assembled.

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