2009 Persons Involved: Myself, Marty,

Although the vehicle was not especially power (125cc) it may have been too powerful for an 11-year-old boy (the boy was a week from his 11th birthday), and certainly one whose parent is inexperienced. These vehicles are dangerous if mishandled and as such we should have taken the opportunity to promote safety with this customer.

Proposed Resolution: The store should implement a training program for its sales staff so that each staff member understands the issues with respect to ATV safety.

The store cannot enforce an age minimum for a product that is purchased by parents, but it can impart upon the parent the need for proper safety precautions. Sales staff should take the opportunity to match the customer with the right product for his or her needs. Sales staff should also take advantage of the opportunity to cross-promote our in-house training program and complete the sale of one or more helmets, gloves and other safety gear.


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