Unleash Your HR Potential with Employment Hero’s Advanced Features

Streamlining HR Processes with Employment Hero’s Advanced HR Features

Human Resource Management is a crucial task that shouldn’t be taken for granted in today’s global competitive environment. HR departments face numerous challenges such as managing employee data, processing payroll, administering benefits, responding to requests, monitoring attendance and performance, and ensuring legal compliance among others. With the increasing complexity of HR tasks, managing HR processes manually can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Employment Hero, an all-in-one HR and payroll platform, has a solution for such challenges. The platform provides advanced HR features that allow businesses to streamline HR processes, reduce administrative tasks, and enhance their HR potential. In this article, we will explore some of the advanced HR features that Employment Hero provides.

1. Manager & Employee Self-Service

Manager Self-Service allows managers to access HR information, employee data, and report requests. It enables managers to perform HR tasks like approving leave requests, performance appraisals, and creating schedules. This feature facilitates communication within the company, reduces workload on HR personnel, and empowers managers with the HR data they need to make informed decisions.

Employee Self-Service, on the other hand, enables employees to access and manage their HR data. It allows them to submit their leave requests, view their payslips, track their attendance, and update their personal information. Employees can also use this tool to communicate with HR personnel and seek clarification on HR policies and procedures.

2. Time & Attendance Tracking

Employment Hero’s Time and Attendance Tracking system is an advanced feature that helps businesses manage employee attendance effectively. The feature enables employees to clock in and out, track their breaks, record their time worked, and calculate their overtime hours. It eliminates manual processes, minimizes time theft, and ensures accurate payroll processing.

3. Performance Management

Employment Hero’s Performance Management feature allows businesses to manage and monitor employee performance over time. The tool facilitates performance appraisals, enables goal setting, tracks employee progress, and provides feedback. This feature encourages employee development, ensures accountability, and helps businesses identify top performers.

4. Onboarding & Offboarding

Employment Hero’s Onboarding feature streamlines the hiring process and ensures a smooth transition for new employees. The feature enables businesses to create an employment offer, collect employee information, and provide orientation information. This feature ensures better engagement, enables early employee development, and reduces time wastage.

Offboarding is the process of exiting employees from the company. Employment Hero’s Offboarding feature makes it easy for businesses to terminate, transfer, or retire employees. The feature enables businesses to manage their employee data, pay any outstanding remuneration and provides legal compliance on employee terminations.


Employment Hero provides advanced HR features that enable businesses to unleash their HR potential. These features streamline HR processes, reduce administrative tasks, and enhance HR capacities. The platform enables businesses to manage employee data easily, process payrolls promptly, and remain compliant with legal requirements. Sign up today and experience the power and potential of Employment Hero!

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