TripAdvisor Reviews : I Stayed at the UK’s WORST Rated HOTELS

TripAdvisor Reviews : I Stayed at the UK’s WORST Rated HOTELS

TripAdvisor Reviews – The UK has been known as one of the best travel destinations in the world, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes. However, a recent article has exposed some of the country’s worst hotels, with guests supposedly being charged for items as basic as toilet rolls. In this YouTube video, the host decides to put these claims to the test by booking two of the country’s worst-rated hotels – the Norfolk Hotel in Birmingham and the Whis Hotel in Manchester.

The video begins with the host and his companion, Mr. Glenn, exploring Birmingham and having lunch at a restaurant with a great view of the city. The host reveals that he has brought a UV torch to check the cleanliness of the hotel rooms – a telling sign of what’s to come. The pair then make their way to the Norfolk Hotel, located close to the city center. Despite having a three-star rating, a staggering 480 out of the 652 reviews on TripAdvisor rate the hotel just one star.

As they enter the hotel, the host and Mr. Glenn are already skeptical, with the lift out of order and a peculiar smell emanating from the carpet. However, they maintain an open mind as they enter their room, which is a twin room that costs just £31 for the night. To their surprise, the room is not as bad as they expected, with a fridge, a shower, and even two toilet rolls provided. They proceed to use the UV torch to check the cleanliness of the room, but find only general dust and dirt.

While the hotel may not be as bad as the reviews suggest, there are still some telltale signs of a poorly maintained establishment. Stains on the curtains, walls, and furniture are visible, and there is a possibility that blood has soaked into the bedside table. Furthermore, the hotel’s supposedly excellent facilities do not actually exist, with the restaurant and bar closed.

The host concludes that the Norfolk Hotel may not be deserving of its 1.5-star rating, but it is certainly not worth the £31 charged for the night. The next day, they check out and head to Manchester to try out the second hotel on their list.

Upon arrival at the Whis Hotel, the difference in quality is immediately apparent. The lobby is poorly lit, with peeling paint and mismatched furniture. The hotel itself has just one star on TripAdvisor, with reviews describing it as the ‘worst hotel in the world.’ The host and Mr. Glenn enter their room, which has a strange smell and stains on the carpet. The bed is old and creaky, and the bathroom is ill-equipped with cracked tiles and a barely functional shower.

Using the UV torch reveals that the room is disgustingly dirty, with stains and marks all over the walls and furniture. The host is visibly repulsed by what he sees, and understandably so. The Whis Hotel is everything that the reviews promised and more, with guests charged for basic amenities like towels and denied refunds for promising to leave negative feedback.

The video ends with the host’s verdict that the Norfolk Hotel in Birmingham may not be as bad as the reviews suggest, but it is still not worth the money. The Whis Hotel in Manchester, on the other hand, deserves every negative review it has received and more. The video sheds light on the importance of honest reviews and the need for hotels to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness and maintenance, regardless of their rating. It also emphasizes the importance of doing one’s research before booking a hotel, as a cheap price tag may not necessarily reflect the quality of the stay.

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