TRAVELING IN 2020: How To Score the Best Hotel Deals Using Tripadvisor

TRAVELING IN 2020: How To Score the Best Hotel Deals Using Tripadvisor

Ashley’s story is an inspiration to many. Losing her corporate job might have been a setback for most people, but for her, it was an opportunity to chase her passion for traveling the world. She decided to put everything she had in storage and hit the road with just a carry-on suitcase. And so, the “In Search of Traveler” was born.

In her YouTube channel, Ashley shares her travel experiences, tips, and tricks that can help people plan their own adventures. In one of her videos, she discusses an essential travel tip that she swears by – using TripAdvisor when booking hotels.

TripAdvisor is a website that allows travelers to search and compare hotel prices, read reviews, view photos, and make bookings all in one place. There are many benefits to using TripAdvisor, and Ashley highlights a few in her video.

The first benefit that Ashley mentions is the ability to compare prices. When looking for a place to stay, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. TripAdvisor makes it easy to compare prices across different websites and platforms, including the hotel’s own website, third-party booking sites, and TripAdvisor itself.

The second benefit of TripAdvisor is the ability to view real traveler photos. Hotels often showcase their best features and amenities in their promotional photos, which can be misleading. By looking at photos taken by real travelers, you can get a better sense of what the hotel is really like. You can see how big the rooms are, what the bathrooms look like, and most importantly, if the hotel is clean and well-maintained.

The third benefit of TripAdvisor is the ability to read real traveler reviews. Hotel reviews are invaluable when it comes to making a decision about where to stay. By reading reviews, you can get an idea of what other travelers liked and didn’t like about the hotel. You can also see if there are any recurring issues, such as poor customer service or noisy rooms.

One of the things that Ashley likes the most about TripAdvisor is the ability to filter reviews based on specific criteria. For example, if you’re looking for a hotel that’s within walking distance of restaurants, you can search for reviews that mention this. This makes it easier to find the information that’s most important to you.

Ashley’s travel tip is simple but effective. By using TripAdvisor, you can save time and money, and avoid booking a hotel that’s not up to your standards. Whether you’re planning a short weekend getaway or a long-term trip around the world, TripAdvisor can help you make the most of your travel experience.

Overall, Ashley’s story and travel tips remind us that there’s more to life than just working a 9-5 job. With a little courage, creativity, and resourcefulness, anyone can follow their passions and live the life they’ve always wanted. Happy travels!

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