Success Stories: How Employment Hero Helped Small Businesses Achieve Employee Management Nirvana

As a small business owner, few things are quite as integral to your success as your ability to manage and retain your employees. But if you’re like most small business owners, juggling multiple responsibilities and tasks can quickly become overwhelming – especially when it comes to managing employee information, compliance, and payroll. That’s where Employment Hero comes in.

Employment Hero is a cloud-based HR software that provides small business owners with all the tools they need to manage every aspect of their employee’s employment journey. From onboarding to off-boarding, shift management, time and attendance tracking, payroll, and compliance, Employment Hero takes the headache out of HR management and helps businesses achieve employee management nirvana.

But don’t take our word for it – here are just a few examples of how small businesses have successfully integrated Employment Hero into their HR structure and seen remarkable results:

Pamela Koh, Founder of Flowerchimp

Flowerchimp is an online florist business based in Malaysia and Singapore. The company had struggled for years to manage employee data and basic HR functions using traditional methods. They also had high employee turnover, which resulted in a constant need for employee retraining.

After integrating Employment Hero into their HR structure, Flowerchimp was able to automate their HR processes and reduce paperwork, saving both time and money. The software also provided a complete view of the employee journey, allowing the company to better engage and retain its workforce. As a result, Flowerchimp has experienced a significant reduction in employee turnover – up to 30% since integrating Employment Hero.

Sarah and Matt McNamara, Founders of Numu-roo

Numu-roo is a baby mattress company based in Australia. Prior to implementing Employment Hero, managing HR without a dedicated HR team was chaotic and disorganized, leading to high employee turnover and recruitment costs.

But after implementing Employment Hero, Numu-roo was able to automate tasks, manage employee data centrally, and standardize processes. The software also provided insights into employee engagement levels, allowing the owners to track performance in real-time. By improving their HR processes, Numu-Roo was able to retain more employees, saving the owners on recruitment and training costs.

Since integrating Employment Hero, Numu-roo’s employee retention rate has gone up, reducing employee turnover costs by approximately 80%.

Samantha Cummings, Centre Director of Habitat Early Learning Centre

Habitat Early Learning Centre is a daycare center in Australia. Prior to implementing Employment Hero, the center struggled to keep records updated and faced compliance challenges.

But Employment Hero allowed Habitat to streamline their HR processes, track attendance, and maintain accurate records, making it easier to remain compliant. The software also enabled the center to set up standard leave requests, making it easier for employees to take leave and maintain their personal records.

Since implementing Employment Hero, Habitat has been able to increase attendance tracking accuracy, reduce compliance risks, and create a better employee experience overall.

In conclusion, integrating Employment Hero into your HR structure can help your business achieve employee management nirvana. With a wide range of features to streamline HR management, data analytics to monitor employee engagement, and centralized HR management, small businesses can free up resources and improve the employee experience. These innovative features are starting to help integrate HR strategies throughout small businesses, and Employment Hero has become the go-to solution for small business owners seeking to remain competitive in today’s modern work landscape.

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