Policies Do Exist in One

It is this murkiness that drives discord among employees and prompts articles such as Ms. Varas.

Ultimately, the role of IT has moved far beyond the gatekeeper of bits flowing through the corporate IT networks. The profession must carefully define that role, however. In attacking Ms. Vara, Mr. Evans is attacking the messenger. He should pay more heed to the message.

Information technology can be critical to corporate strategy. The rapid, easy flow of information is central to the fulfillment of this role. The policies Ms. Vara mocks run counter to this fundamental element of IT. Security is important, but roadblocks should be justified, and in addition they should be communicated.

Employees are not born to rebel against ITs policies, they do so because those policies do not fit any known strategic objective. If they do fit a strategic objective, nobody knows about it. The sooner IT departments stop obfuscating their role and contribution to corporate objectives, the sooner they will cease to be the object of.

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