North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement

Americans who want to open businesses in Mexicos cities would be able to do so easily, which would stimulate Mexicos economy as well as Americas. Mexicans who want to live and work in the United States could do so without risking their lives and leaving their families. Quality of life would vastly improve in Mexico, and the improved economy would mean less strain on health care and other social services. During the current economic recession, unifying the two countries makes more sense than it ever has.

One of the best reasons to have a union between the United States and Mexico is to reduce rates of crime. Border towns are violent places, and law enforcement officials are often killed in skirmishes that involve organized crime. The United States and Mexico are both at fault for fueling organized crime. According to Donnison, “More than 6,000 people died last year in Mexico in drug-related violence and Mexico believes 90% of the weapons used by drug cartels come from the U.S.” The drug cartels are powerful because they run lucrative black market businesses. Those businesses would be unnecessary if their employees found legitimate employment. Perhaps the legalization of drugs would also help reduce crime by eliminating the drug cartels entirely. If drugs were legalized, then the government of a unified Mexico-United States would be able to create addiction programs in the health care industry instead of incarcerating drug users. A legal drug trade would also boost the economy of both countries by providing new and legal jobs for both Mexicans and Americans.

The social effects of a union between the United States and Mexico would be universally positive. Families would no longer be torn apart by poverty and migration. Agriculture could thrive both south and north of the current political border because the environmental policies would improve the land. Reduced rates of crime would improve quality of life, and so would stronger trade between the two nations.

A political union between the United States and Mexico would improve both nations. Environmental policies would be clearer, more universal, and easier to enforce. Trade would boom between the United States and Mexico, because labor as well as products would be transported across the borders. Illegal immigration would not be an issue any more, and small businesses would thrive. A unified nation would link the law enforcement agencies of the two countries and would minimize crime. Joining forces, the United States and Mexico might held end the stranglehold of the drug cartels. Finally, unification has positive social effects by improving quality of life in both countries, keeping families together, and increasing cultural literacy including bilingualism. It is time to take NAFTA one step further.

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