When concerning the media present in India one might observe that the western world has deeply influenced it. The Indian movie making business is entitled Bollywood, in reference to the American Hollywood. Not only have the Indians named their movie industry Bollywood, but they have also incorporated several western cliches into their movies, so as for them to depict aspects from the western culture.

Not only do foreigners express their appreciation for Indian films, as they are also known to come to India to practice Buddhism or yoga. A great percentage of the Indians leaving their home country in favor of a better developed country are technological talents. The most feasible reason for their departure is that they cannot properly exploit their aptitudes in India. Apparently, globalization has made it possible for them to be properly rewarded for the abilities that they have.

Factors such as people wearing tight clothes and considering sex before marriage to be a rather normal issue have influenced Indians to the point where birth rates have experienced an increase.

Also, sex before adolescents has also become more common, with young Indians having been manipulated by TV programs such as MTV. Women have a special role in Indian culture, and moreover, Indian traditions consider them as being consecrated and only fit for losing their virginity within the purity of marriage. However, along with the entering of western culture in the Indian society, disorder had risen, with people being uncertain if it had been moral to perform the activities that they saw at their western counterparts.

Because the general Indian public is poor, Indians have the impression that they are inferior to their equivalents from the western world. Thus, they are inclined to absorb western traditions, considering that most acts perform by westerners are good..

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