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It is very important from both an ethical values-based e-business and legal B2B and B2C perspective to make sure that the written words and what is portrayed about a company are factual. Because issues arise that involve marketing ethics and the importance of understanding a business for Internet marketing issues and advertising purposes, there are potential areas for revealing trade secrets or intellectual property if proper B2B ethical behavior is not followed. Email correspondence should always be private and confidential. While some people might not see any harm quoting something on the Web that came from email sent it is always best to get a persons permission prior to publishing anything. While a person might give consent, they might not see the full implications, online privacy issues, or impact of having it published online (Warholic, 2009).

When marketing a business online it is very important to make sure that all information being put out there is original and well researched so that there is no possibility of an ethical breaches being made. These can be very harmful to a company and their reputation.

Making ethical decisions is always the best no matter were one is marketing. With all of the unethical things that are out on the Internet as it is very hard to try and determine which business are legit and which ones arent. The last thing that a good clean business wants to do is be associated with something that is not ethical. Researching everything ahead of time will allow a business to market ethically and hopefully realized great success.


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