Is This THE Worst Hotel in Southampton? Terrible Tripadvisor Reviews!!!!

Is This THE Worst Hotel in Southampton? Terrible Tripadvisor Reviews!!!!

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that had terrible reviews? Greg from Foreign Guys recently took on the challenge and stayed in one of the worst rated hotels in Southampton. With over 143 terrible reviews on TripAdvisor, he was prepared for the worst.

The hotel in question was the Star Hotel, located on High Street in Southampton. From the outside, it didn’t look too bad, with a historic charm to it. Greg checked in and was given room number 17, located at the back of the building for a quieter stay. He began his room tour, starting with the refreshments area. There was a kettle, mugs, tea, coffee, and milk provided, along with a chest of drawers and a few interesting marks on the wardrobe.

Next up was the TV and chair setup, with a bit of a struggle to sit in the chair without hitting the TV. The view from the room wasn’t the best, overlooking a car park and multi-story windows. The bathroom was a bit rough around the edges, but not too bad overall. There was some shower gel, conditioner, towels, and toilet paper provided, along with a shower that could be a problem for tall people. The bed was comfortable and clean, with decent pillows and a clean cover.

Overall, the room was small and a bit worn around the edges, but for the most part, it was fairly clean. Greg decided to explore the rest of the hotel, which included an old section and a bar. The lift was a cool feature, reminding him of lifts in old Parisian apartment buildings. The hotel also had a Coach House and car park. Greg was a bit skeptical of what he might find, but he didn’t encounter any rats or other pests during his stay.

The next morning, Greg shared his experience of sleeping in the worst rated hotel in Southampton. He had a comfortable night’s sleep and a clean bed, but he did notice a few things that could use improvement. The bathroom door was difficult to open and close, and there were a few marks on the wardrobe and walls. The shower could also be a bit of a challenge for taller guests. However, overall, the room was clean and comfortable, and Greg had a decent stay.

While staying in a poorly reviewed hotel can be a risk, Greg’s experience at the Star Hotel proves that it’s not always as bad as it seems. With a bit of care and attention, even an old and worn out hotel can provide a decent night’s sleep. So, the next time you’re considering staying in a hotel with poor reviews, take a chance and see for yourself- you might be surprised!

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