Higher Education (Globalization) Singh, M.K.

Much like the argument of Carnoy (2005), Singh asserts the huge importance of education in a globalized structure. This article also resonates the disagreements of Carnoy (2005) and Kwiek (2001) — i.e. The positive and negative effects of globalization in higher education with the author taking the side of Carnoy in the belief that higher education positively implicates a nations economy. Unlike McPherson & Schapiro (2002), who argued against privatization of educational institutions, Singh believes that higher education should be privatized as part of the liberalization policy that he posits to work advantageously for India.

Method-wise, this work is a good example of how fruitful research on higher education and globalization would be if we put it in a particular context, like in this case, the Indian societies. This prods us to look at societal specificities to better understand the interplay of social factors in furthering our understanding of higher education in the light of globalization..

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