Higher Education (Globalization) Medina, A.

Medinas arguments very much echo the sentiments of Kwiek (2001). These two authors have argued against the economic forces in a globalized economy getting in the way of educational institutions. Such is the case because it is believed that market forces strip away the autonomy and nation-state ideals propagated in the university. This in turn results to the subordination of education to market forces. Consequently, subordination of education to the hegemonic forces of the economy can be expected.

Medinas literature review is also helpful in our consideration of our research method. Medina demonstrated two ways of approaching this subject matter. Firstly, the researcher can tackle this issue by employing the method of historical discourse analysis of education and globalization for the purpose of conceptual clarifications. Another way would be to conduct this study utilizing the framework of power. Medinas successful demonstration of hegemonic apparatuses and conflict perspective showed how fruitful ones research task can get..

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