Boeing Case Study Like Many

McNerney needed to concentrate on this function, as several challenges in the past, such as labor disputes leading to walk offs, had hindered the organization. Weber (2008) details how McNerney skillfully has been able to lead external forces, specifically the Defense Department, yet that internal leadership has yet to be fully developed. For this reason, the threat again of labor stoppages is a major concern for the company. McNerney needs to focus more on this function, if he hopes to stop having the same workforce challenges in the future. Leading by empowering his employees, including the elimination of much of the bureaucracy in the organization, will go a long ways towards inspiring them to accept the organizations objectives as their own.


The multi-step process of controlling, for a manager involves: setting performance standards, measuring actual performance, analyzing the results, and taking corrective action when needed. Holms (2005) notes when McNerney first took the reins that there was concerns about delivery dates on the Dreamliner and the Future Combat System projects. In Webers (2008) article, those concerns still remained. Today, the both projects are still underway and slowly moving forward.

Again, this is a function McNerney needs to focus on. McNerney may have performance standards (such as delivery dates) put in place, as well as adequate measurement and progress analysis processes, however there appears to be a disconnect at taking corrective action. As Weber notes, although corrective action seems to take place, it appears to happen belatedly, at the expense of the project.


Boeing Co. has experienced a variety of challenges over the years. With McNerney taking the helm in 2005, he had to focus on the four primary functions of management in order to ensure the companys continued growth, while addressing these challenges. In certain aspects, McNerney has excelled — such as planning. However, in other aspects — organizing, leading and controlling — there is still room for improvement. Although he has made positive strides in the four years since he was appointed, McNerney still has a long row to hoe.


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