Behaving Badly: Leader Accountability and Ethics Failure

behaving badly: Leader accountability and ethics failure by J.G. Bruhn. Specifically it will critique the article and its view on leadership and ethics. The authors main point is that when ethics fail at a company, it is often the corporate culture and the leadership that lead to the failure. He also believes that this failure can lead to breakdowns in numerous departments throughout the organization. He believes that certain, ethics-specific questions should be used to evaluate potential CEOs before they are hired, and that these questions can lead to better ethical results for the organization.

Everyone knows that people and companies are in business to make a profit. However, the problem comes when companies overlook ethics in their quest for the bottom line. The author notes, “Problems result when CEOs pursue the bottom line without a credo of values” (Bruhn, 2005, p 191). The author discusses accountability, image, power and control, the social consequences of ethics failure in an organization, and offers solutions. The article is extremely relevant for leaders and organizations, because it openly addresses problems that many companies are facing today.

They engage in questionable practices, (like giving bonuses to employees paid with taxpayers money), enrage the people, and then discover they have ethical problems and a bad reputation. If more organizations followed Bruhns rules for finding ethical leaders, so many companies might not have so many ethical concerns in the country today. That is why the article is so valuable, it mirrors conditions today, and gives concrete ideas on how to avoid these issues with careful planning and hiring practices.

The research methods and methodology seems to be substantial in this article. The author cites twenty-two sources in the reference section of his article, and he has written extensively on the subject, as the references indicate. He has also included two tables of information in the article that he developed from his research and experiences, and one of them is a comprehensive list of.

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