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The artist made a very interesting selection of media to visually display the message of the work. Any other choice would have diminished the impact of the display. The television format for example indicates the technological advance of money and trading, making it increasingly easy to access from all parts of the world. Had a flat screen be used, the impact of the background and foreground dimensions would not have been as significant. The use of powder for the graph and a real credit car on top of the photo provides further impact in terms of the multi-dimensionality of the work. The combination of elements in the work therefore shows its meaning. Each element of the work leads the visitor to better understand its intended meaning.

The work is highly unusual, not least because of its physical position in the display. The attention is immediately attracted by its position on the floor, and concomitantly by its position in relation to the wall. This graphically represents the message of the work in terms of drugs. Drugs changes a persons perspective of the world. Reality becomes twisted. In this way, the drugs, or virtual money in t his case, change celebration into tragedy. An overindulgence in this drugs leads to distruction. The credit card mimics the position of the entire display. It represents money as a drug. Reality is twisted by the idea of virtual money.

Because of the many different elements that make up the whole, the work could have a variety of effects upon the visitor. Indeed, one might even say that, being multi-dimensional and making use of mixed media, the work has a multi-dimensional effect.

As such, while I would not say that the work precisely either attracts or alienates visitors, it certainly would not leave them indifferent.

Perhaps the first reaction that a visitor might experience is surprise and possibly a little shock. The most prominent foreground element of the work is its title, which also contains the message represented by its imagery. Being in white, the letters attract the most immediate attention. Being surprised by the strange title, the visitor is then prompted to look more closely, upon which the credit card, numbers and graph line attract further attention, with some shock as the substance making up the graph is identified. These elements are then bound together by the least prominent element, and also the one attracting the final attention: the celebrating figures. Here a further element of surprise lingers; initially there appear to be three celebrating figures. It is only upon closer inspection that the fourth figure to the right of the photo becomes evident.

The work is brilliantly composed to serve the purpose of its message, to surprise, shock, and ultimately convey the idea of virtual money as a drug. The position, presentation, and multiple elements used form a whole that is not only surprising and shocking, but also pleasing. If presented with a choice between attraction or alienation, I would then say that the work is wholly attractive to visitors, not allowing a quick or simple glance. The work demands attention; it demands to be considered carefully before moving to the next.

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